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Patient Transport

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You can ask to use the Patient Transport Service (PTS) if you have a medical or clinical condition which may stop you getting to your appointment by any other means.

The service accomodates appointments between the hours of 08:00hrs and 18:00hrs, Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.  Patient Transport will be available for haemodialysis patients to cater for appointments up until 19:30hrs and collection up until 01:00hrs.

How to book transport

The hospital clinic you are attending may book transport on your behalf. If not, you may need to ask your GP or hospital clinic to provide you with the telephone number of where to book your PTS. The staff at the booking centre will ask you some simple questions to make sure you are eligible to use the Service. You will need your NHS number to make a booking which is available from your GP or clinic. Please have your NHS number to hand when making your booking.

Please make the call taker aware of your mobility and any additional needs you may have so the right type of transport is provided for you. The ambulance service can also provide special aids such as our Pictorial Handbook for patients who are hard of hearing or who experience language barriers.

Please register your mobile telephone number when booking transport.  This will qualify you to receive a transport booking reminder, next patient notification and the opportunity for you to provide feedback. For more information, please click here.

The service operate a range of different vehicle types, to ensure that you travel as safely and as comfortably as possible.

If your appointment is cancelled or you need to amend your booking e.g. you only require transport home or your appointment date has changed, please let the booking centre know as soon as possible.

Patients receiving haemodialysis treatment or cancer treatment will also have to meet the eligibility criteria.  This will be determined by the staff at the Unit or clinic they attend.

Haemodialysis patients will be assessed before starting the treatment and then every six months to see if they still qualify.  Cancer patients will be assessed every three months.  Once patients have been assessed they do not have to book any transport themselves, this will be done by the staff at the Unit or clinical they attend. The online booking system will be available on a 24 hour basis.

Key telephone numbers

General Enquiries Telephone Numbers Haemodialysis and Cancer Patients Telephone Numbers
Freephone*0800 0323240 Freephone *0800 0289224
0151 261 2580
0151 261 2581
01772 904907
01772 904919
01244 651301
01244 651311
01228 403031
01228 403064

*Please note that our 0800 telephone numbers are free from landline telephones only. Mobile telephone charges will apply therefore you may prefer to use the local telephone numbers.

How to cancel your transport booking

Please telephone 0800 0323240 if you need to cancel your transport. Bookings will be treated as cancelled from the time of the call.  If you are a Haemodialysis patient you will need to cancel your booking at the Unit or Clinic you attend.

Click here to download a copy of the patient transport leaflet