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Online Access

Online Access – A guide for patients

Online Access offers the ability to order repeat prescriptions, book available appointments and change your contact details from your phone, tablet or computer.

Detailed Access – which must be approved by the GP Practice – allows you to view immunisations, results, consultation history and some documents.

There are several providers available.  Some of them offer additional services and some specialise in a particular aspect e.g. prescription ordering.  You can register with the service of your choice using the credentials provided by your GP Practice.

The services through Online Access will change as more functions become available so do keep checking your chosen provider for information.


Messages will be sent out by the Practice to patients with a mobile phone number recorded in their records so please ensure that you inform us of any changes so you don’t miss out on important reminders.

The Practice will ask if we can send you invites to book appointments to your mobile phone instead of sending you a letter.

Repeat Prescriptions

All repeat prescription requests take 2 working days to process and can be sent electronically to your nominated chemist if you have signed up to this service with them.  You will be contacted by a member of the Prescription Hub team within the processing period if there are any issues.


Appointments are available to book online for Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Healthcare Assistants.

You can also view and cancel appointments booked by the Practice.

Please help to reduce the number of wasted appointments by cancelling in plenty of time if you can’t attend your appointment.

Clinical Practitioner Appointment Booking Information

Our Clinical Practitioners are able to deal with a large range of appointment types EXCEPT the following:

    • Children under 12 months old
    • Sick note requests
    • Women’s Health
    • Pregnancy

Healthcare Assistant Appointment Booking Information

    • Blood Pressure check
    • Blood test (Please note that this must have been requested by a hospital or the Practice)
    • ECG (Please note that this must have been requested by a hospital or the Practice)
    • Pregnancy test

Please book an appointment for each procedure e.g. Blood Test and Blood Pressure Check needs 2 appointments

Children and Online Access

Children aged between 11 and 16 can have their own account but they must be assessed by the Practice to see if they are able to manage this for themselves.  Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to download apps and so would have to use one of the services that offer access via a website.

Children under 11 cannot have an account of their own but a parent or guardian can manage their appointments and repeat prescriptions using Proxy Access.

Proxy Access

Some online access providers offer the ability to manage an account on behalf of a dependent. Speak to a member of the reception team for more information.