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Patient Participation Group – Update and feedback on annual survey

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) has now been up and running for 12 months, during which time members have been very busy agreeing with the Practice a number of areas of priority for change and improvement.  The Group felt from an early stage that one of its main aims should be to improve patient awareness and understanding of both the Practice itself and of external partner organisations and resources.  Formal evening meetings took place between the Practice and patient representatives throughout 2012 – members of the group were given an opportunity to “shadow” the Senior Practice Manager, and one of the GPs who sits on the local CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) was invited to come along and talk to the group about proposed changes to the NHS.

Members of the PPG spent time in the Practice wating areas during the months of October and November 2012 in order to establish whether other patients felt that they would also benefit from this approach, and, following confirmation that there was a significant lack of awareness about services on offer and how to access them, subsequent meetings took place informally with members of the group coming in to the Practice to work with staff to design this year’s Patient Survey.  The Survey evolved into a “Did You Know…?” project, and the questions were worded so as to allow some information-giving at the same time as asking the questions.  The Survey was completed by 300 patients (approximately 2% of our list and the Practice is very grateful to everyone who took part.  The results have been collated and can be viewed here:

Patient SurveySummary 2013[1]

In addition to the formal questions, 93 of our respondents kindly took the time to leave us additional comments – some positive, some less so – but all of them useful for us as we continually strive to improve our services.

As a result of this apparent lack of awareness around services and other options, the Practice and the PPG recently co-hosted their first community event at Accrington Town Hall on 8th March 2013.  The event is still undergoing evaluation but is deemed to have been a success through the numbers visiting and through the networking opportunities which community groups and other healthcare providers were able to utilise.  The event was publicised through local press and radio as a “Healthy Living Festival” and was a showcase for local community groups opened up to all members of the public, not just Peel House patients.  There were demonstrations of cookery and exercise throughout the day, along with opportunities for health checks, refreshments provided, and a free prize draw every hour thanks to the generosity of some of our partners.

Going forward, the aims of the PPG will be to explore additional opportunites for further events under the Healthy Living Festival banner, as well as to look in more specific detail at raising awareness and understanding of the Practice and what we can offer, taking into account recent Ipsos Mori polls which have shown that our patients are particularly concerned about areas including telephone access and seeing a doctor of choice.

We will update this website with further developments as we plan and implement them.